Face-to-Face time, instead of Facetime

One thing I’ve noticed, as people get more and more dependent on technology, is how the actual real-time interaction and/or meeting with someone in person, is on the decline. As a matter of fact, it seems like i can’t even keep people on the phone long enough to let me give them directions to my studio anymore: ‘it’s cool, i’ve got a GPS in the car.. i’ll just punch it in.. click.. dialtone….’ (yeah sure, while you steer with your knee and run over a dog – and then get it wrong anyway!).
I have a company called Groundlift, and at it’s core, it’s a group of like minded artists and creative types. Through this company i collaborate with artists from all over the world. We do music, remixes, videos – and we share files and ideas via the internet. We’ve done shows here in LA, and we talk on Skype and Facetime all the time, but the most valuable for me, and often the most inspiring, is when we get together on Fridays, at The Office (Silverlake’s LaMill Coffee). Every week most of the GL team that are local, and even sometimes GL artists that happen to be passing through town, come by The Office and we talk – face to face. We drink some of the best coffee in town. We share what’s been going on, what’s inspiring, what movies are cool, which are to be avoided, what albums we just picked up, what art openings were cool or which ones are coming up and should be seen. This is vital to what makes Groundlift work, the interaction between the artists. It inspires collaboration and it inspires creativity – and doing this in person makes a huge difference. I’m sure of it.

So think about backing off the text messages for a minute and turning off the laptop for an hour or two, and make an appointment to meet someone for coffee. Or better yet: have them over to your house for coffee or lunch. It’s a whole ‘nother thing, and something we’re not very good at anymore.

One response to “Face-to-Face time, instead of Facetime

  1. So true! I probably haven´t been to a coffee shop since you where in Iceland, the time before last… COME BACK!

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