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Classical music – from NIN to Iceland

One of my favorite shows on the radio is ‘Classical Music’ with Jim Svejda on fm 91.5 here in L.A. (yes, it is simply called ‘Classical Music with Jim Svejda’ – i guess not to be confused with the other shows on KUSC, called ‘Classical Music with Rich Capparella’ or ‘Classical Music with Kimberlea Daggey’ and so on). It’s on at 7:00 pm, and goes on for an astonishing 5 hrs – every night of the week! Of course he also hosts ‘Sunday Night at the Opera’ (3hrs) and ‘The Record Shelf’ on saturday evenings.. !!

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take one…

Listening to The Who (on purpose, this time) Didn’t think that would ever happen, but thanks to Chris Bruce, I got turned on to an album of theirs that is quite experimental and bizarre… ‘The Who Sell Out’. Leave it to me to discover this band – 60 years after the fact.. ha! – Same thing happened with “Abbey Road” the other day (yes, the Beatles album…!). I attribute that to getting older and wiser, and becoming more ‘open’ as opposed to just being slow and stubborn..