What’s the best color?

Ok, so it’s been 45 mins, and I’m still tweaking the color of my header type.. pretty neat having all these options, but perhaps not the smartest place for an OCD freak like myself.

I wonder if I’ll actually write something at some point, or just continue tweaking. Just know that i am putting a lot of work into this blog.. even if you’ll never know half of what goes on behind the scenes here!

take one…

Listening to The Who (on purpose, this time) Didn’t think that would ever happen, but thanks to Chris Bruce, I got turned on to an album of theirs that is quite experimental and bizarre… ‘The Who Sell Out’. Leave it to me to discover this band – 60 years after the fact.. ha! – Same thing happened with “Abbey Road” the other day (yes, the Beatles album…!). I attribute that to getting older and wiser, and becoming more ‘open’ as opposed to just being slow and stubborn..