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How to buy a book, and why the Western Diet is killing us (really)

As much as i love Apple and all their products, i’ve had one of almost everything they’ve made, i can’t seem to find a place in my life for the iPad. I’m close (i’ve really been working on it) but not there yet. Usually new releases are a slam dunk for me, and whatever it is, i have to have it.. right away (see this post). So, it’s almost as if i’m more annoyed with myself for not finding a use for this thing, than simply relieved to not have to spend the money. And judging by the sales (best selling new product in the history of products – like.. ALL products worldwide, not just Apple) i’m the only one that feels this way. Or at least one of only a handful of people. How this will change for me, Continue reading

Some fave restaurants, food and downtown LA.

3-4 years ago i started poking around downtown, and have come to find some fantastic restaurants and cafés. It’s a strange place, downtown LA, and if you don’t know your way around, it can be quite depressing. In a way, it’s like a miniature version of Los Angeles, which has several great ‘pockets’ – the Indian community on Artesia’s Pioneer blvd, the oddities of Venice Beach, the altered reality of shopping in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica (or ‘The People’s Republic of Santa Monica’ as i like to call it), all separated by blocks and blocks of ‘culture free zones’.. Continue reading

Face-to-Face time, instead of Facetime

One thing I’ve noticed, as people get more and more dependent on technology, is how the actual real-time interaction and/or meeting with someone in person, is on the decline. As a matter of fact, it seems like i can’t even keep people on the phone long enough to let me give them directions to my studio anymore: ‘it’s cool, i’ve got a GPS in the car.. i’ll just punch it in.. click.. dialtone….’ (yeah sure, while you steer with your knee and run over a dog – and then get it wrong anyway!).
I have a company called Groundlift, and at it’s core, it’s a group of like minded artists and creative types. Through this company i collaborate with artists from all over the world. We do music, remixes, videos Continue reading

Spice it up … and keep it fresh

You know what’s a great place for spices? This one – the Spice Station, in Silverlake. Neatly tucked in a small alley, next door to Forage (also awesome), it’s a treasure trove of goodness. The Urfa Biber is great on roasted chicken thighs or breasts, and the Harissa and Berbere are fantastic on just about anything – good heat and good flavor. The latest find was Poseidon’s Catch – fantastic blend of dill and other green things .. for the grilled salmon. And don’t forget to pick up some Sweet Heat for your hot chocolate Continue reading